How to Increase Sales by at Least 25%

In the 21st century, technology has allowed each and everyone of us to use our time much more effectively and efficiently. When a person is deciding which restaurant to visit, hotel to stay, car to purchase, clothes to buy or even where to get their vehicle serviced, what do they do?

In the good ole times, people would drive aimlessly or rely on recommendations from their friend, but now, surprisingly over 85% of people decide what business they are going to visit or purchase from directly off their phone, tablet or computer! (Stat)


In the big picture, this has increased a great deal of competition among businesses to provide superior products and services to all their customers. Technology has changed the world, customers once felt belittled by businesses, but now the customer is has become the most important asset to any company. Through Social Media and Internet reviews a company can either “make it” or “break it”.

We, the customers, have the power now to not only express how we feel about a business and its products or services, but also to notify others in our local neighborhoods on the experience we had and whether going was the right decision or not.


Top Tips & Tricks To Make Your Business Successful


Social Media Platforms are the key to increasing the business’s sales and traffic leads. Millions of people visit business storefront’s daily just from seeing an advertisement, post, video or review on the internet. Business owners have no other choice but to respect the internet and all it can bring to the table. There will always be evident success and downfalls in every business, but the key to becoming a successful business is all determined on how well you react and respond to the downfall phases.

Facebook: We all know how powerful Facebook has become over the last 10 years, with over 2 billion accounts, businesses have taken advantage of the opportunity of promoting, advertising, campaigning and selling their company’s products and services from zero to little cost. Part of the company’s success could be determined from an increase of traffic leads and sales just through this platform alone. Businesses must also keep in mind that the results will be determined by how effective and appealing the content is promoted to the target marketing audience.

Instagram: There is a cognitive psychological part of our brain that desires understanding others and wanting to be like them and not miss out. Facebook understood this concept well behind launching their news feed and picture location, which allowed others to know where people where and what they were doing. Instagram plays a different role when increasing sales and traffic leads, the content posted has to be appealing and clearly understood for the targeted market audience. But, the true secret to this platform lies behind the concept of reaching out to follower and understanding their true needs.

Twitter: Most people like to think Twitter becomes just another platform that is ineffective or unproductive, but it is the complete opposite when the targeted market audience is clearly understood. For example, any business can analyze their customer base and follow them on Social Media, but they fail to act upon adding their customers friends and family, who may be likely to be interested in your products and services as well. As your audience and followers grow, it will create easy low-cost advertisements to be implemented for effective lead and conversation rate growth. To achieve this success, engaging and interacting with the new and returning customers through social media


Internet could become the living dream or nightmare to any business. How the company handles and responds to customers reviews, comments, reactions is essential to the reputation and future growth of the business. Like Kate Zabriskie said, “The customer’s perception is your reality.” The key to increasing sales and traffic leads is to improve and learn from bad reviews or comments with the goal of satisfying the customers future expectations and most importantly, learning from your mistakes.

Google Search: Over 1.17 billion people use google search to make their buying decisions. This makes it essential for every business to learn strategies on how to be effective to their targeted market audience in finding them first. Through specific industry terminology used on business website, social media platforms and other creative posts on google will drive new and repeating customers to your business guaranteed.

Google Reviews: The most successful businesses focus on customers, which will in result bring the money. Other companies focus on the money and surprisingly never brings the customer. When focusing on google reviews, the company must understand the customer’s experience and opinion and respond with a profound level of sincerity with an follow-up incentive. The business owners response to the customer a necessity in growing the business. New and repeating customers view the company’s last 3 months of reviews to determine their decision of going or not.

Yelp: There is no ignorance behind business beginning to understand the importance of yelp platform and its necessity to customers. Yelp focuses on informing customers about the company’s background, operation hours and most importantly the customer reviews. From the score 1-5 clients comment their buying experiences with intentions of recommending others to visit or not. The secret to improving on yelp as a business is to post effective and appealing content to the customers over a period of time that will guarantee the gains of sales and traffic leads.

FourSquare: Sister to the Yelp platform, FourSquare has provided a better user content that is more appealing to both the customer and business. With no to little cost advertisements, FourSquare has become an effective platform for all businesses in the Bay Area.


Campaigning and effective events are essential to developing and maintaining a company’s growth in sales. In order to successfully have positive turnouts in events in to capture the targeted market audiences attention through appealing content on posts and advertisements with no to little cost.

Discounts are a very effective and efficient way to get a new and also repeating customers back into your business. Who doesn’t love specials? We all love taking advantage of discounts, even if it only a dollar off! Consistency is the key behind growing in this targeted market audience. The more they come, the more they’ll tell their friends and family about your company and experience.

Promotions are slightly harder to manage much is considered one of the most effective ways to capture a customer for future sales. The promotions will work accordingly to the business industry you are in, but the overall objective is the same. People like to feel important, part of a group or member of a club, it boosts their confidence and psychologically makes one feel important. When there is promotions tiers for repeating customers (gold, platinum, bronze) will boost your business in no time.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, I hope my knowledge and experiences help you in your future endeavors. If there is anyway for me to help, please do not hesitate to contact or reach out to me.

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David Marrero

President and CEO of Marrero Marketing Group LLC


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